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Summers in New Delhi were full of books, libraries and VHS tapes. I studied English Literature for my undergrad and would walk home every evening after classes. At one point the road would turn and lead into another one lined with trees. There was a big gate at the entrance and a guard would sit there watching me wonder what if I went in there. One day I did. This was the road to my film school in India. I knew little about filmmaking but was fascinated since summer vacations were also the time I was allowed to watch films on a rented VCR and VHS Tapes.


My journey as a filmmaker would not have been possible without my professors who nurtured me and supported me . They held me to very high standards and empowered me into believing in my voice and creative vision. When I came to U.S. as a graduate student, my professors were again there to guide, help and support me. I learnt from them in classes and lectures but more importantly I learnt from them while observing them create their own work.


I teach because I make. At several stages in my life, I have turned to my teachers for guidance, critique and perspective. Not only have they been huge pillars of strength but they have also fostered a spirit of rediscovery, rejuvenation and experimentation. My passion for teaching also connects me to this spirit, which I wish, passes on from one generation of artist- educators to the other.







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