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Magical Realist/Feature Screenplay

Credits: Screenwriter & Director

Developed at:

The Stowe Story Labs Selected Project 2021

The Athena Screenwriters' Lab, New York City 2019

The Power Women Summit, Los Angels 2019

The Sundance Project Development Lab Shortlist 2019

The Sundance Screenwriters' Lab Shortlist 2018

The Gitner Family Prize 2019

The Virginia Center for Creative Arts Writers' Residency 2017

The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellowship 2017

Bird Woman is above all irresistible. I have no doubt of its strong commercial potential and its ability to captivate the same varied audience that enjoys everything from Transparent to Unorthodox, from Captain Phillips to Dallas Buyers Club. This heart-breaking, poignant and wondrous meditation of violence, America, fathers & daughters, loneliness and male anger has the best aspects of directors like Jane Campion, Sarah Polley, Marjane Satrapi, and Ava DuVernay. More importantly, its personal observations allow moments of poetry behind the tragedy. Ambarien also weaves in surrealist visions and darker hues with the aplomb of Jennifer Kent. From my many decades working in the studio system, I have no doubt this will find both a critical celebration and an extended audience. It will also help launch an important director.” 

Mark David Rosenthal, Los Angeles 2020


Mark David Rosenthal has been a screenwriter in Hollywood for over thirty years. He is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences and an Emmy nominated writer in the Television Academy. His credits include: MONA LISA SMILE (Sony), TIM BURTON'S PLANET OF THE APES (Fox), FLICKA (Fox 2000), FOR LOVE OR MONEY (Universal), THEW JEWEL OF THE NILE (Fox), SUPERMAN IV (Warners), and STAR TREK VI (Paramount), MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (Disney), THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (Fox), DESPERATE HOURS (MGM) and MERCURY RISING (Universal) along with ROOTS: 2017.

Stage: Development

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